Research 1.0

I’m a firm believer in starting a project with bare beginnings, and building up ideas from its very core. “Love” is such a broad subject, so I decided to do two spider charts. The first being a variety of things in my personal life that I love, which then allowed me to explore the second spider chart without my own opinions getting in the way.

Whilst doing these charts, a question came to mind: What is the difference between loving and liking something and where did these words and definitions originate from? Dictionary time!

A statistic I found interesting is that the word ‘Like’ has grown in use since the 1800’s quite drastically, whereas ‘Love’ plummeted in the 1950’s and has been increasing since.


Pre-Production for Animation

Welcome aboard my Train of Thoughts and I hope you enjoy travelling through this project alongside me.

This is a blog for the development of ideas as I progress through my “Pre-Production for Animation” module.

Whether it be neat, tidy and organised or unplanned chaos, this site will be my go-to-place to jot down anything and everything I believe is relevant and helpful towards my finished outcome (Deadline of which is the 16th of December, 2016).