Primary and Contrasting Mood Boards

(This is a follow up from the previous blog post).

The Primary and Contrasting mood boards have helped me get a sense of the emotional impact in both written/abstract treatments.

Here are the ones from “Unconnected, Belonging, Enlightenment”


The word I focused more on was “enlightenment” for this board because the majority of my abstract treatments to this point were rather dark and depressing. I went with an idea of daylight golds, life and beauty, with warm bright colours and birds for the sound of chirping heard on calm peaceful mornings as the sun rises.

Contrasting to this one, is a board focusing on the nighttime silver, with cold darker colours and dabs of owls for the sounds of hooting heard in the dreary hours of the night. It keeps the theme of life and beauty because I think the link between the two work well, and it keeps this contrasting one from slipping into too much darkness and gloom.



Okay, so next up is the abstract treatment that is “Loneliness, Searching, Acceptance.” And remember what I just said about my ideas being gloomy and depressing? Well, here’s an example!


Sometimes loneliness can be a dark and cruel feeling. Leaving you alone with your thoughts with no one to really grab a hold of.
This resonates with me (and I’m sure on some levels, it resonates with everyone) because there have been moments of pure loneliness in my life. I wont bore you with details, but one example is the long summer break between university levels. Everyone leaves to go be with their families and friends in their home towns, but my family are in Wales and have recently moved into a smaller bungalow, in which I don’t have a bedroom. The lonely nights and quiet days can get quite disconcerting – particularly when one moves into a mouldy, creaky, dusty, old, uncared for 5 bedrooms house.
Anyway, enough of that..

The contrast to this mood board is a form of loneliness where instead of it being negative is actually a positive thing. We all search for solitude at some point in our lives, whether is be an escape from nagging parents, bullies at school, an overcrowded sitting room. If there’s a moment where we can have pure peace and quiet, alone under a tree or by a lake with perhaps a good second hand book that still smells of the bookstore, wouldn’t you do it?


I enjoy all four mood boards and can resonate and feel the emotions of each, but I wonder if other’s do too. I’m going to take these mood boards and show them to others and see their responses before making a final decision on which I’m going to go with.


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