“Unconnected, Belonging, Enlightenment” & The Next Step

After showing my mood boards to a small variety of people, and explaining my choices and decisions for the images, it became clear to me that I preferred this abstract treatment and the mood boards that go with it.

My written treatment at this stage is: “Social outcasts find unexpected anchors. Their freedom is questioned.”

I formed a basis of an idea for this written treatment,  and wanted two different creatures that didn’t fit into their ‘social norms’ to find one another and bond. But their core-differences create a unbreakable barrier between them and they realise their relationship isn’t healthy for either of them.

My mood boards explored day and night contrasts, in which I added birds in the “Daytime” one to get viewers thinking of their tweeting throughout the day, and their silence at night. And in contrast to that, I added owls on the “Nighttime” one for their hooting.

This got me thinking that my ‘creatures’ could be birds. Daytime and Nighttime ones. So I quickly mocked up a compilation of birds for both mood boards to get a glimpse of an idea and to guide me into the next step which is: Character & Background Designs.

I’m thinking of going with a golden/yellow variety of colours for the daytime bird, and a silvery/blue variety for the nighttime ones.

It’s worth noting that at this stage, I haven’t yet considered if this story is going to stretch the boundaries of what birds are capable of in day and night. Daytime birds cannot see at night, and nighttime birds have bad eyesight (hence why they’re good hunters). Hunting and feeding is another one. If there’s an insane height difference between the two, the bird of prey would realistically eat the daytime bird… Technicalities, technicalities, technicalities…

However, this is my current idea:



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