Character Design Progression: Shape (tick!), Size (tick!), Colour (awww..)

Following on from my previous post, I progressed with the collage technique using my favourite designs frommthe bunch I produced prior.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These allowed me to get a clear sense of shape. I was able to seperate what I do and don’t like about each one, such as texture, colour, eyes, beak etc. and from there built up final designs for the two birds in my narrative.


The contrast between the two birds are quite apparent. One is short and round, the other is tall-legged and formed with straight lines (for the most part, at least). This is a desperate attempt to make them look like completely different species.

I’m holding off on creating the colour theme for the creatures because I’m unsure about background design. I’ve been looking into backgrounds and landscaping alongside designing these little guys, and will hopefully come with a solid theme soon.



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