Strange Person in a Strange Place Presentation

The presentation today went quite well. We presented what we had so far to Ken Grint in a new studio space. Ken’s feedback was relatively simplistic. He mentioned how strong the sound is in order for my story to really blossom, and also had some pointers about the storyboard technicalities.

I kept my presentation short and to the point with a straight forward set of powerpoint slides that showed my progression from abstract treatment through mood boards, onto character designs and finally ending on there animatic I compiled together for the presentation. I also added in the storyboard pages at the back of the presentation just incase Ken wanted to see them (which he did).

What I noticed from seeing all the other presentations was that my fellow classmates wrote a synopsis or outline for their story but I went with a quick series of simplistic illustrations – which allowed me to talk through them without forcing people to read anything which I believe was very effective. I did however, use a small amount of writting to explain the actual storyboaed scene which allowed me to explain why I chose that scene, instead of any others.


I  didn’t add the storyboard because it’s just the storyboard that’s on the previous blog post (more or less) with a few changes here and there.



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