Quick little update.

I’ve turned the Basic Animatic into an Advanced Animatic, but I’m still unsure about the timing and will keep tweaking it until I am pleased with it. I also assume the timing will change a bit when I start adding sound to it.

Another change:


When I was presenting on Monday for the Stranger in a Strange Place Presentation, it hit me that the idea I had midway through this project about “flying south for the winter” removes the need to have the birds be Nighttime and Daytime birds and instead just be different species of birds. This still leaves their “core-differences creating an unbreakable barrier between them” due to their nesting habits and the flying south concept.

This helps me out a lot because I wasn’t very keen on the nighttime bird not looking like an actually nighttime species (all nighttime flying creatures seem to be predators: owls, bats etc.).


Thinking About Sound Design:


I’ve began thinking about what sort of sounds I’ll need for my Animatic in preparation for the sound design session that’ll be happening on Monday next week. So far I’ve noted down these:

-Ruffling foliage (leaves/plants blowing in the wind & being moved around)
-Loads of birds tweeting
-Singular bird tweeting
-Wings Flapping
-‘cute’ Noises (I don’t know what to call these, just umm’s and uhhu’s etc.)
-A whistling tune
-Comedic Reveal sound (Not sure what that would be, but the final shot needs something to help with the comedic effect).


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