Animatic with sounds

It took some time for me to find the right foly sounds. Particularly because my name wasn’t added to the list in order to book out the mics after Chris’ first session. I went to freesoundcloud and asked Cahrlotte to book out a Zoom H4n for me to record birds.

The city wasn’t the best place to record because there was so much background sound of vehicles and people. This goes agaimst the natural jungle type theme I has envisioned. Fortunately Charlotte needed to take pictures for her project of the wilderness, so we took a train one rainy afternoon and ventures out into Hope Valley. It took some time, but in the small village of Bamford, we found someone’s back garden. It had bird feeders all over it and enough birds to satisfy my needs.

In this animatic, I added foly sounds I had recorded, as well as the sounds from freesoundcloud. The main one being the jungle atmospheric recording someone had done during their visit to brazil. It’s barely audible in the animatic because the other sounds and music over powers it, but I reckon it adds a sense of realism to the story’s location.

The music was something I really really struggled with. After spending 5-6hrs looking for music that worked together (one sad, one happy) and blending them in so that the transition from one to the other was almost unrecognisable, I felt contempt and pleased with the outcome. However, the feedback I received mentioned that the music was a bit too ‘twee’ and sounded like ‘someone was overcoming an amputation.’ Needless to say, I was urged to try out and experiment with other types of music.

This is fair enough, but with the Animation Festival, othee modules and animatadore planning, it’s hard to sit there for that many hours looking for copywrite-free effective soumds. This leavs me wondering if the proxy music even has to be copywrite free (seeing as it’s okay to have temporary music in the animatics for cmp until next semester). This is something I hope to get an answer to once Mel has recovered from feeling unwell.For now I will work under the assumption that copywritten music is allowed as proxy/temporary music and carry on from there.


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