Copy-Written Music Trials

I spent my Sunday re-adding sounds to my Animatic as well as taking on tutor feedback and trying a bunch of different music. Here are six rough attempts. (By the way, I know the timecode is at 30fps, I will fix that in for the next blog post).

It’s worth noting that I only did half the video for this one because 1) Really wasn’t liking the vibe and 2) the song didn’t carry on well after the uplifting moment. I attempted to add different songs afterwards (i.e. Everything You Do by He Is We; Mr. Brightsky by ELO etc.) but because I’m so untalented in this department, I was unable to blend the two tunes together successfully without it sounding jarring.

The Counting Stars blend is my favourite one of the bunch, which is surprising because I don’t particularly like the song, I just feel like the timing works well and the change of tune 21 seconds in is quite effective.

The Nicest Thing Animatic is the only one of the bunch that has lyrics. Not because I couldn’t find an instrumental versi- Well, actually, I couldn’t find an instrumental version. But, that’s not the point! I think the timing of the lyrics and the lyrics themselves work quite well. It doesn’t make their encounter extremely overwhelming which I’m not really sure is a good thing, nor a bad thing at the moment.


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