Monday’s Work and USB Drama

So I did a lot of work on my Animatic on Monday in Chris’ session as well as back home in preparation for Manchester Animation Festival (knowing I wouldn’t have any time to work on it until the weekend). Like a fool, I forgot to back it up that Monday evening (which I’ve gotten into the habit of doing everynight) and all my latest work lived on a USB I had just bought. Which I lost…in Manchester……. Sooooo, basically, I lost my entire sound file compilation as well as my audition files/works and the only copy I have of the Animatic in the blog post bellow is from my google drive. This has majorly set me back and not to mention I lost a lot of steam with this project and am profoundly dragging my feet. I struggled immensely with sound and knowing I have to do it all again from basically scratch has really done one over on me. I am to blame, and I know that, but I just wanted to vent.

..Well, better get back on the horse so they say! *sigh*…


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