The Animating Begins

I began animating in photoshop using a small blue pencil (10px wide). I have since deleted it (foolishly) after going over it with a red charcoal brush, in an attempt to neaten the lines so that they’re  more understandable. This animation is still in it’s rough stages and will need improving before I go over the lines in an attempt to finalise it.

Animating to sound is something I found quite difficult. I attempted to dope sheet the bird’s whistling but this seemed unhelpful because I couldn’t get it right. After an hour or so of trying, I threw it away and moved onto classic pencil and paper.

I began making notes of what happens in each sequence of frames (whilst going frame by frame in premierpro). In my first set of notes, I seperated the different movements. This helped me get an idea of how much work each section would be.


After doing that, I went through the soundfile and made notes of eat time the whistling was louder and quiter. This is because I wanted the beak of the bird to open wider when the whistle was louder (meaning I needed to get the timing exact).


However, when I went to animate, this proved difficult to figure out for I had marked down the seconds as they happened in the entire animatic (therefore my frame counts began at 29s 11f) but the photoshop file when animating began at 0secs 0frames. So I did my calculations again (see image bellow), after making a new sequence in PremierPro and ajusting the times accordingly. As you can see in the photograph bellow, the timecode in the video is in the correct seconds and frames for the entire animatic, but the timecode in the softare itself is reset to 0seconds 0frames at the start of this scene.


I also went through and rewrote the frames of the whistle using these new found calculations for easy access.


Once I had finished animating that sequence, I moved on and calculated the bouncing of the other bird in the next shot using this exact same method.


There was probably a much much easier way of doing all this, but this tis the way I did it. Isn’t there a saying: If it looks stupid and it works, it aint stupid. Or at least, I hope it isn’t!

So after all that and countless hours sat unmoving animating the whole rough animation.Here it is so far. It’s not perfect and far from finished, but it’s a step in the right direction.




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