Final Hand In Work

The hand in folder consists of three folders, one has all my illustrative sketches, the second has my storyboards and the third has my mood boards + written discriptions. The loose files consist of the animated 6s8f animation, the entire animatic of my storyboard, the abstract and written treatments in Word Format as well as a link to the blog on a plain txt file.

Inside the Mood Boards folder, I followed the brief and did the written description in a .txt format. However, this seems has to read and unproductive. I played with the idea of adding the word document in there also, and decided to do it regardless of brief specifications. If it’s not supposed to be there, hopefully it’ll just be ignored. I find the brief a little confusing on that wrong. What counts as a plain text format? (my guess is .txt and nothing else).



Updated Sroryboard


This is my finalised storyboard. It’s hard to know if it’s up to standard because getting feedback from Zoe isn’t the same as feedback from Melvyn. On panel 17 (page 3), I wanted to cut out that shot, but I didn’t want to faff about and waste time moving all the slides along one thumbnail just to get it looking neat and tidy. This is why I lowered that thumbnails oppacity and wrote ‘cut’ in bit red letters. Hopefully this is an acceptable thing to do.

Another question I had, was handwritten text. I tend to prefer hand writting everything, it helps me concentrate and remember information better and overall, I believe, it creates a more personal, intresting look. However, due to not being able to receove the green-to-go from Melvyn, I’m a littlw unsure as to whether that’s something that’ll mark me down. I like it, therefore I’m keeping it, but I wish I could know if it was okay.

Final Presentation!


This final presentation went without a fault. I am glad I added the storyboard in after the “questions?” panel because Zoe had asked to see it. There wasn’t anything to say negatively about my presentation or project at this stage, or at least I don’t believe there was. Zoe has taken the presentation and blog URL to read through in order to give more solid feedback to Melvyn, which I think is fair enough.

Overall, I am proud of what I achieved and how much work went into it and I believe this presentation shows that succesfully. I’m looking forward to the 1-2-1 next week and hope there’s notjing drastic to change, because it seems if there is that it’s certainly cutting it very close to deadline.

Making our own 1-2-1’s and Presentation Practices


When Melvyn cancelled his 1-2-1 session with us, we grouped together (Curtis, Ryan, Reece, Heather, Charlotte, Handyn and I) and did semi-presentation 1-2-6’s instead. It was a very useful and helpful experience where we all got to discuss our successes and failures in a safe environment. This also gave us a change of offering feedback and critically analysing our own work as well as others and aiding with any problems or confusions.

On Tuesday, because we were worried about who we would be presenting to today, we got together (Marta, Reece, Charlotte, Heather, Haydn and I) to present our presentation as practice. It also gave us time to examine what everyone else had done for their presentations and to smoothen our any bumps.


Colour makes all the difference

This is probably the first 2D animation I did and felt a sense of pride in achieving. I’m certainly not the best animator, but I try. Regardless, I really enjoyed this process and am glad this is the outcome of all my hard work.

The sound really adds to it, and let’s me slide it seemlesssly into the animatic.