Updated Sroryboard


This is my finalised storyboard. It’s hard to know if it’s up to standard because getting feedback from Zoe isn’t the same as feedback from Melvyn. On panel 17 (page 3), I wanted to cut out that shot, but I didn’t want to faff about and waste time moving all the slides along one thumbnail just to get it looking neat and tidy. This is why I lowered that thumbnails oppacity and wrote ‘cut’ in bit red letters. Hopefully this is an acceptable thing to do.

Another question I had, was handwritten text. I tend to prefer hand writting everything, it helps me concentrate and remember information better and overall, I believe, it creates a more personal, intresting look. However, due to not being able to receove the green-to-go from Melvyn, I’m a littlw unsure as to whether that’s something that’ll mark me down. I like it, therefore I’m keeping it, but I wish I could know if it was okay.


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